Friday, April 17, 2015

Primus brings the Chocolate Factory tour to Stage AE - photos and show review - April 14, 2015

Primus at Stage AE 4/14/15
Despite their outlandish stage presence and occasional gimmickry -- one might call it artistry -- Primus are first and foremost an excellent power trio. There really haven't been that many over the years -- Rush, Cream, the Experience, The Police, ZZ Top -- and Primus deserve at least a mention alongside the very best.

Primus played two sets, with no opener. First was a "straight" set of Primus hits, filled out with extended jams and solos, followed by a second set of the band's re-imagined Willy Wonka soundtrack in its entirety. (The full setlist, including the encore, can be found over at 

The Wonka set was a sight to behold. From the giant lollipop and mushroom stage props to Claypool's Gene Wilder getup, it's clear that no detail was overlooked, no matter how small. There were even Primus-themed chocolate bars for sale at the merch table. (I splurged and bought a $10 bacon and pop rock Pork Soda bar.)

Tickets went for close to $50 for this one, and I don't think anyone left for home feeling short-changed. You'll be hard pressed to find any band that can put on a stage show as captivating as this. 

Here are photos from the performance:

-- Brian Conway