Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Delicate Steve, w/ Andre Costello and the Cool Minors - Thunderbird Cafe - April 2, 2015 - Concert Review and Photos

Delicate Steve
If there's one takeaway from this performance, it's that Steve is a hell of a guitar player. His rhythm section isn't shabby, either. The drummer played like he went to the Drunken Monkey school of drumming, even knocking over one of his cymbals during the first song. Occasional ambient noise,  in the form of birds and crickets chirping, lent a fanciful touch to what was otherwise a compelling, yet relatively straight-forward, instrumental set.

Andre Costello and the Cool Minors opened with a shorter, 7 or 8 song set.  Costello is a talented songwriter and his lyrics are a pleasure to listen to. After the one of the later songs some drunk guy yelled out to turn up the electric guitar. This is the same drunk guy that yelled out "Neil Young" after Costello broke out his harmonica. My guest and I both preferred the more muscular second half of the trio's set, which included the new number "Broken Noses," when they channeled Crazy Horse as much as Young himself.

Here are some photos from the performance: