Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dan Deacon w/ Prince Rama at Mr. Smalls - Photos and Concert Review - April 9, 2015

Dan Deacon

Prince Rama
There were three openers for this one, and I got there right at the end of Ben O'Brien's set when he chugged down a bunch of raw eggs from a mason jar. O'Brien plays a character, Earth Universe, a "spiritual guru, cult leader, Christ figure, and author who travels the country convincing teenagers to join his cult." I missed where the eggs came in to play.

I missed all but the last 30 seconds of Earth Universe, but it set the tone for the next two acts.  Prince Rama is sister-duo Taraka and Nimai Larson. They play futuristic, psychedelic dance music, and their most recent album is a concept album where the sisters “invented 10 different pop bands that died during the apocalypse, channeling the ghosts of each one to perform the various songs.” It's really catchy stuff, and the live performance, with Taraka slinking and slipping across stage, is captivating.

Dan Deacon headlined. I saw him once before, at Smalls, on his oh-so-brief No Deachunter tour w/ No Age and Deerhunter. Deacon's crowds know what to expect, and they come ready to dance. "High-energy," "frenetic" -- none of these adjectives fully capture the non-stop pulsing frenzy that is a Dan Deacon show. 

Here's what you missed:


crazy drum machines flanked the stage

I really should have bought one of these shirts



Friday, April 24, 2015

Meeting of Important People, The Common Heart, Paul Luc, and MORE! - Concert photos from the Warhol and Club Cafe - April 18, 2015

Josh Verbanets and friends. Photo Credit: Brian Conway
Paul Luc and Clinton Clegg. Photo Credit: Long Hong
A few weeks ago I was emailing w/ Clinton Clegg and he told me how bummed he was to have to miss the Meeting of Important People show at the Warhol April 18, the same night as the Common Heart's show at Club Cafe.  It was a coin flip decision for a lot of people, so we decided to share our photos from both shows in the same post.  This is the best it will get until scientists can figure out a way to let us be at two places at once. 

Meeting of Important People

The Common Heart

Paul Luc

The Van Allen Belt

Morgan Erina

Photo Credits: 
Brian Conway: MOIP, Van Allen Belt, Morgan Erina
Long Hong: Paul Luc, Common Heart.