Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Temperance Movement at Library Music Hall of Homestead - Concert Photos - March 21, 2015

British blues-rock band The Temperance Movement opened for Blackberry Smoke at the Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead Saturday night. Their debut, self-titled LP made it to #12 on the British charts, and they were personally invited to open for the Rolling Stones at a show in Berlin.

Big thanks to Greg Scelp for going out and shooting the show for us and snagging some great shots. You can find him on Instagram @genericpieces.  Do you want to shoot or review shows for PMR? Shoot us an email at pghmusicreport [at]


  1. These photos are fantastic-especially that one of a snarly Phil!! Thank you to PGH Music Report and Greg Scelp. I have shared this with TTM's fan group on FB. Hollie :-)

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