Tuesday, October 14, 2014

JEFF the Brotherhood at Club Cafe, with Diarrhea Planet and Shaky Shrines - October 19, 2014 - Ticket Giveaway and Concert Preview

The Brothers Orrall, aka JEFF the Brotherhood. Photo credit: Jo McCaughey
It's going to get loud.

JEFF the Brotherhood headline a superb trio of rock bands at Club Cafe Sunday, two from Nashville and one from right here. 

First up is Pittsburgh's own Shaky Shrines. Is you've been to any of the city's better rock concerts in recent memory, you've probably seen them perform: they opened for both Reignwolf and Cloud Nothings over the past few months. According to their website, they play “bad trip cemetery psychedelic garage rock.” The Pitt News gave their debut LP, Mausoleum, a B+, and they do a pretty good job of breaking down exactly why Shaky Shrines is one of the better local bands around.

Up next is the unfortunately named Diarrhea Planet. I already had to promise my girlfriend I wouldn't buy myself a shirt with their name on it, but the jokes on her: I didn't say anything about buying her a Diarrhea Planet shirt.

The band hails from Nashville, and they perform with not one not two not three but FOUR guitarists. I've heard of the three axe attack, but this is just ridiculous. It'd be easy to dismiss them as a joke, especially with songs like “Ghost with a Boner,” but if there is a joke to be made they're the ones that came up with it. In an interview with Noisey they said their original goal was to be “the worst band ever.” Ironically, as their popularity increases and they treat the music as seriously as any other band out there, all the media wants to talk about is their name. Their PR describes them as “The Ramones holding Van Halen hostage with an arsenal of fireworks and explosives.” Here they are performing a set on KEXP:

JEFF the Brotherhood headline. The Nashville duo played Pittsburgh last May, at Brillobox. The two members, Jamin (drums) and Jake (guitar) are actual brothers, unlike those liars in the Kopecky Family Band. They started to play together in high school. It didn't hurt that their father, Robert Ellis Orrall, is a successful singer and producer in his own right.

The brothers put out a string of loud, scuzzy albums and finally made a name for themselves in 2009, with the release of Heavy Days, their fifth LP to date. Soon after they put out a live album through Jack White's Third Man label, and its been an upward ascent ever since. Here's the song “Sixpack” off of Hypnotic Nights, their acclaimed 2012 album produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys:

Right now JEFF the Brotherhood is on tour in support of a new six-song covers EP, featuring renditions of songs by The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, and more. Tickets cost $15 and are available through Ticketweb.

We have a pair of tickets to give away for this performance. To enter, simply email us at pghmusicreport@gmail.com and put “JEFF the brotherhood” in the subject line. We'll announce a winner Friday afternoon.

B. Conway