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Concert Preview and Ticket Giveaway - Heavy Glow at the Thunderbird Cafe - October 8, 2014

Heavy Glow.
San Diego psychedelic rock trio Heavy Glow visit Pittsburgh Wednesday for a show at the Thunderbird in Lawrenceville. The band is touring in support of their new album, Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine. The album harkens back to the hard, bluesy-psych of the late 1960s without feeling derivative. The album was produced by Michael Patterson, who was nominated for a Grammy for his work with Beck's Midnite Vultures.

We had the opportunity to ask lead singer/guitarist Jared Mullins some questions before their stop in town.

Pittsburgh Music Report: You're charging just $5 for tickets on the tour! Is the idea to just get as many people out to shows as possible?

Jared Mullins: Yeah we like to keep it cheap. It's our first time in Pittsburgh so I'd like to see as many of the local rock-loving people as possible. We work heavily with the local support in each city we play in and hand-pick each of the local supporting bands. Sun Hound and Chrome Moses will be joining us as well. Very excited about that.

PMR: Talk a bit about the new album. Midnight Moan was more of a classic heavy psych album, whereas Pearls and Swine seems to have sort of looser, more bluesy feel.

JM: Yeah they're definitely different. I've never wanted to make the same album over and over or even the same song over and over. The next album will be different than these two. I think of it this way: both albums use the same language but just use a different vocabulary.

PMR: What was it like working with a Grammy-nominated producer in Michael Patterson?

JM: Michael was great. Still is. Great supporter of the band. You'd expect someone with as many accolades and hit records as him to act like a gun-totting Phil Spector and just totally manipulate the studio, but he's very chill, very down-to-earth and full of great ideas.

PMR: On the Heavy Glow website you talk about some of your influences, and it says that the one unifying theme is "soul." What does it mean when a band has soul, and how does that translate into the music?

JM: When I say 'soul' I really mean just pure, raw emotion. I write music I feel. If I don't feel it, I figure no one else will. If it doesn't mean something to me, I can't imagine it meaning something to anyone else. Music is the one place in life where it's always been okay for me to be myself, feel, and act without judgment...That's why the live shows are so highly energetic etc.

PMR: What do you think of the modern psychedelic rock scene in general? Is it ever a struggle to say something new when all the legends of the genre (Cream/Hendrix/etc) played almost fifty years ago?

JM: I think you hit the nail on the head. I don't see much point in sounding, looking, acting like a band from San Fran in 1967. That happened. Great music. Great time. But it's over. I think psychedelic music in its essence means that you're making music that transcends and pushes the boundaries but still keeps it relevant. It "breaks on through to the other side..." so to speak. Heavy Glow is meant to push, pull, explore beyond the normal. It's meant to build upon the foundation of psychedelic music and go from there. Doesn't make sense to say we're a new band that sounds 40 years old.

PMR: What are some of your favorite psychedelic rock albums of all time? Is that the type of the stuff you listen to on the road, or are you all over the place?

JM: We're pretty all-over-the-place. 'Strange Days' is probably my favorite psychedelic album. We listen to just about everything within the rock umbrella: metal, proto-metal, grunge, new metal, blues, electric blues, country blues, Delta Blues, Chicago blues, soul, Motown, hip-hop etc. etc.

PMR: Lastly, how do you plan to spend your free time in Pittsburgh?

JM: I grew up in Cleveland so I'm preparing myself for heckling about the Browns​.

Tickets for the show are just $5 and are available at the door. We also have two tickets to giveaway. To enter, just email us at, and put "heavy glow" in the subject line. We'll announce a winner by Tuesday morning.

-- B. Conway

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