Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Andre Costello and the Cool Minors at the Warhol Museum - Concert Photos - October 3, 2014

Andre Costello at the Warhol Museum - all photos (c) PMR.
What a wonderful, sometimes beautiful performance by Andre Costello and the Cool Minors at the Warhol Saturday. The set was broken up into two halves, with a brief intermission between them. The stage was lit up with lightbulbs on stands for the second half, reminiscent of the Sigur Ros concert last year. Costello switched back and forth between electric and acoustic, as befitting his blend of rock, folk, and Americana. At various points guest musicians performed the trumpet, accordion, slide guitar, saxophone, and piano to bolster the rhythm section of Matthew Fiorillo and Nicholas Charters, and Costello even brought out the harmonica for a few numbers. Part of the set was performed in front of moving images both new and old, some of it stock footage from the fifties and sixties, some that burning piano from the band's 2012 "visual EP." Kudos to the Warhol for featuring fine local artists like Costello as part of its Sound Series. Its another step in the right direction for a city whose local music scene is taking itself more seriously every day.

The band's new album, The Rattling Arcade, is available online via the band's label, Wild Kindness.

Here are some photos from the performance: 

-- B. Conway