Friday, September 12, 2014

Spoon at the Carnegie Library of Homestead, with Operators and Hamilton Leithauser - Concert photos and review - September 11, 2014

Spoon at the CLoH Music Hall, 9.11.14. All photos (c) PMR.
As much as you can complain about bands whose tour passes over Pittsburgh, sometimes we luck out with a band at a venue that's a fraction of the size they should be playing.

Case in point, indie rock reliables Spoon on Thursday. The band played the century-old Carnegie Library in Homestead, a venue that seats one thousand. Spoon isn't selling out stadiums, but we're lucky to have them in such an intimate spot, especially those that paid the $50 to be in the little pit up front, inches away from Britt Daniel and the rest of the band.

Their set played like a Greatest Hits album. I haven't been around since the early days – I jumped on the band's, uh, bandwagon in the mid-2000s – but almost every song was a recognizable hit. And the new tracks, from the excellent They Want My Soul, fit in extremely well with the rest of the setlist. The band opened with “Do You,” off that new album, followed by “Rent I Pay.”

The four-song encore was a nice encapsulation of the entire set. They opened with a slow-burning “Outlier,” also from the new album, driven by a groovy bass line and set off with strobe lights. “Anything You Want,” from 2001's Girls Can Tell, was followed by bigtime hit “Cherry Bomb,” before the night closed with another deep cut, “Small Stakes.” (The whole setlist can be found here.)

Operators opened with a high-energy set that called to mind industrial dance-rock like New Order. Former Walkmen lead singer Hamilton Leithauser was the second opener. The guy has an amazing, powerful voice, but that was it; the band seemed like little more than an afterthought. 

Here are photos from the evening:


Hamilton Leithauser


-- B. Conway


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