Friday, July 18, 2014

Local Spotlight is Returning

One of the things longtime readers of the site may have noticed lately is that we haven't been running the Local Artist Spotlight. 

Shame on us for that. 

Pittsburgh is an incredible city with a flourishing music scene, and its up to websites like ours to encourage local bands by giving them a platform through which they can share not only their music but also their talent and enthusiasm.

So today, in recognition of Hugh Twyman Day in the City of Pittsburgh, and all of Hugh's work with local bands over the past decade, we're announcing that the Local Artist Spotlight is returning.

This has been a time of transition for Pittsburgh Music Report. Old writers are leaving and new are arriving. This has always been a labor of love for us, something we do in our free time because we love live music. And we hope that you enjoy reading the site as much we enjoy writing it.

Keep up with the site for more tickets giveaways, band interviews, concert photos, show reviews, live videos, concert previews, and whatever else we come up with.

If you're a local band that's interested in a feature, or if you have a new album coming out, or something else going on, shoot us an email at pghmusicreport [at] And we'll do our best to reach out to bands who have gotten in touch with us in the past few months as well.

In the meantime, check out the archives for our Local Artist Spotlight here:


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