Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kopecky Family Band and Essential Machine - Photos and Concert Review - July 19, 2014

Kelsey Kopecky and the Kopecky Family Band. Club Cafe 7/19/14. All photos (c) PMR.
Saturday was a night of fun music, pure and simple. Essential Machine opened with an up-tempo set that had the crowd dancing and singing along, not just milling about the bar and killing time like is so often the case with openers. RJ is the lead singer and his wife, Karen, plays the drums. RJ has a beard the Duck Dynasty guys would envy. A couple times I worried it was going to get caught in his guitar strings and the whole thing would end up looking something like this:

 Thankfully, nothing like this happened. 

Check out the band's track "Les Squelettes" if you haven't heard it yet. I usually think that the xylophone is a gimmicky instrument but there's something very carefree and inviting in how its used in this song.

Not ten minutes after Essential Machine finished their set and the Kopecky Family Band was on. I only caught the first five or six songs because I had been sick all weekend. The good news is that my fever finally broke sometime in the middle of "My Way." But I probably wasn't the only person in the crowd breaking out in sweats during their performance. These guys are awesome. There was six of them onstage, an impressive feat considering the size of the stage at Club Cafe, and the number of instruments they use.

The aforementioned "My Way" started off with a pretty little xylophone lick (maybe I should reconsider the xylophone) before launching off into a chorus that the whole audience shouted along with. Lead singer Gabe Simon traded his guitar for a trombone halfway through the song, then the bassist, Corey Oxendine, went and traded for one too. There were two trombones going at once! What madness! The whole performance was a lot of fun, and I only wish I could have stayed for the whole thing.

Here are some photos from the performance:



-- B. Conway


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