Friday, June 20, 2014

White Denim at Stage AE - Photos - June 17, 2014

James Petralli of White Denim. All photos (c) PMR

I'm a huge fan of White Denim. To me, the Austin four-piece is one of the most innovative, original bands performing today. When I listen, I hear shades of OK Computer-era Radiohead ("Incaviglia"), Z-era My Morning Jacket ("Street Joy"), and The Flaming Lips circa Soft Bulletin ("Light Light Light"). But like all great bands, they have a sound that's uniquely their own. Call it southern-fried psych-rock.

It was apparent they were having fun opening for the Arctic Monkeys when they played at Stage AE Tuesday. Guitarist Austin Jenkins kept cracking a smile at the crowd, and I loved how he and Petralli took turns soloing on extended jams. Another note: Petralli has a nice growl to his voice that must get sanded down in the studio.

I haven't been able to find the setlist online yet, but the three songs I remember hearing are the new single, "At Night in Dreams," and two from D, "Anvil Everything," which led into "River to Consider." Anyone with a setlist, please leave one in the comments!

Here are a bunch of photos from the performance:

-- B. Conway