Monday, June 30, 2014

Nat Baldwin at the Warhol Museum, with Sleep Experiments - Photos - June 28, 2014

Nat Baldwin at the Andy Warhol Museum. All photos (c) PMR.

Nat Baldwin is one of the most expressive individuals I've ever had the privilege of shooting. Blazoned across his face is all the nuance and emotion of his songcraft.

Baldwin and his double bass - that Mastiff of an instrument -  were the only ones onstage. The set was free from any of the additional flourishes found on his album, such as sparse drumming or other strings. All the better, since Baldwin's voice carries an extra resonance and punch that doesn't really come through on the LP. The performance was intimate and relaxed, as refreshing as the rain shower that greeted patrons as they exited the Warhol after a humid summer day.

Pittsburgh's Sleep Experiments opened with a short, dreamy set that featured atmospheric guitars and ambient vocals.




-- B. Conway