Sunday, June 15, 2014

Eagulls at Brillbox - June 11, 2014 - Photos

Eagulls, from Leeds, England, at Brillobox. All photos (c) PMR

Eagulls set was what you want and expect from a band whose roots are punk: short, fast, and loud. With practically no breaks or banter between songs, the whole performance couldn't have been longer than 35 minutes. The lead singer, George Mitchell, hollered into the microphone with one hand tucked behind his lower back, each word punctuated with emotion. Once one song was over, it was right into the next sonic assault.

I got to Brillobox after Cheatah's set Wednesday, having spent the first part of the evening at Chvrches at Stage AE. Which is too bad because I heard Cheatah's were excellent. At least Eagulls were excellent too.

Here are some photos from the performance:

-- B. Conway