Saturday, May 31, 2014

Photos and Concert Review - 1,2,3 album release show - Brillobox - May 30, 2014

Nic Snyder of 1,2,3. All photos in this post copyright PMR.

Pittsburgh's 1,2,3 cranked up the guitars for their first gig in a little under two years to celebrate the release of an album itself two years in the making. The floor-shaking Big Weather release show served as reminder to all those in attendance what all that initial buzz was about.

The band brought out a xylophone, harmonica, 12-string acoustic, and even sleigh bells to give flesh to their rustic breed of campfire rock, before blasting any remaining cobwebs away with a deluge of pedal fuzz.

But it wasn't the guitar power that most impressed at Brillbox Friday night: Lead singer Nic Snyder easily alternated between a sweet pop simplicity witnessed in the singalong favorite "Scared But Not That Scared," to a gravelly cry in stomp-along closer "Leave Me in the Sky with the Lawn Chair." He's got pipes and passion both.

The group showed a few signs of rust, most obviously when they flubbed a transition between two songs whose tempos just couldn't be bridged. Otherwise it was a tight exhibition of songs old and new performed with vigor and enthusiasm. The crowd demanded an encore, but 1,2,3 demurred, quite earnestly explaining that they honestly hadn't rehearsed any more songs. I for one agree with the drunk guy who yelled out for "Shapes of Wrath", one of the highlights from their 80-minute long donnybrook of a new album.

So now, with the album properly celebrated, and no tour dates on the horizon, one big question remains. What's next?

Here are some photos from the show:

Down in front, asshole!

Is it the drugs or are these guys blowing my mind?

I fucked up and got there after The Mhurs performed.

-- B. Conway


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