Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Interview - Future Villains - Stage AE - May 27, 2014

Future Villains play Stage AE Wednesday, opening for Steel Panther on their All You Can Eat tour. The LA band has a self-titled EP to their name and specialize in a classic-rock sound; they count Deep Purple and Aerosmith among their biggest influences. Here's the video for their single "Devil in Her Bones:"

We were fortunate enough to talk with lead singer Dusty Bo prior to their stop in Pittsburgh. 

Pittsburgh Music Report: First of all, how has the tour been?  Pittsburgh is your next to last stop. Is it too early to start getting sentimental?

Dusty Bo: The tour has been an amazing adventure so far and we are saddened that it is nearly over.

PMR: Are they any gigs from the tour that stand out in your mind? You've played some great venues. 

DB: They have all been awesome but Seattle, WA [The Showbox] and Silver Spring, MD [The Filmore] were the most stand out I would say.

PMR: What's it been like touring with Steel Panther? I feel like the two of you put together have enough material to challenge Hammer of the Gods. 

DB: It's a great time touring with SP.  For as successful and talented as those guys are it is incredible how humble and genuine they all are. Never have I seen ANY of the members of that band be anything other than a stand up gent. 

PMR: You've been playing a few songs off your new EP as well as some classic rock favorites. How do you find that right balance between the two?  Can you give us a hint to which bands you might cover when you visit Pittsburgh?

DB: We find balance I guess by choosing a couple covers that influenced our originals and are high energy to keep the crowd's blood pumpin'! I will not give you a hint, other than it will be AC/DC and Deep Purple. 

PMR: What's next for Future Villains after the tour wraps up? More touring? Is it too early to ask for a full-length LP?

DB: Were going to start pre-production for the music video to our latest single, "Reject,"as well as get back to the studio for more tunes that will eventually make it on to the LP.

-- B. Conway