Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Giveaway - Those Manic Seas - The Smiling Moose - April 26, 2014

We have a t-shirt and 7" single from Those Manic Seas to give away prior to their show at The Smiling Moose this Saturday. They are a post-rock band hailing from Richmond, Virginia. Their lead singer is a mannequin.

Wait, what?

From their website:

 The band consists of drummer Daniel Medley, guitarist Chris Westfall, bassist
Todd Baker and a not so typical singer. “Our ‘lead singer’ is not a real
person, which makes an interesting show,” says member Daniel Medley.
“And if the singer doesn’t make sense, coming to our show will clear it all up.
We really are a live band.”

 Here's the video for "Headache/Heartache," which may explain things a little better:

To enter, retweet our post from twitter announcing the giveaway. (Hint: it's here.) That's it! We'll let you know if you won. 

Tickets for the show cost $7.  Masters of The Universe, The Me Toos, and Ferdinand The Bull also perform. 

-- B. Conway