Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Sword, Big Business, O'Brother - Mr. Smalls 3.3.14 - Photos and Concert Review

Awkward moment at the show last night. Bassist/Vocalist for Big Business, Jared Warren, took a moment to thank O'Brother for opening up and The Sword for bringing them out on tour. A few people politely applauded, but not many. Warren made note of the tepid response, then said something to the effect of "well, we still get paid either way." It's never a good thing when a band mentions their "contractual obligation" to perform; nevertheless, the guys were professional enough to perform the rest of their set, and it was a damn good one, too.

But this night belonged to The Sword. How lucky are those guys? They get to travel the country, get drunk on stage, and perform vintage metal in front of packed houses night after night. Judging from the number of Sword shirts in the crowd it's safe to say most of the fans in attendance had seen these guys play live before. That number will surely increase the next time the band is in town if the swarm of people at the merch table at night's end is any indication. (These guys have some of the best band tees you'll ever see. I went with this spiffy number.) And why not? This music is anthemic. Forget about bullshit jobs and bosses for 90 minutes to headbang and belt along to heroic songs about arcane mountains and mares of purest white, performed by a couple guys who never gave up the dream. Good for them, and great for us. I even got passed on the way home by a Jeep with a Sword bumper sticker.

Here are some pictures:


Big Business

The Sword

- B. Conway

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