Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shpongle - Mr Smalls - 3.31.14 - Concert Preview and Ticket Giveaway

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This Sunday, March 31, Shpongle brings Shpongletron 3.0 to Mr Smalls. Shpongle is a duo made up of Simon Posford and Raja Ram. Ram is in his 70s, so the younger Posford is on his own for this run, performing what will essentially be a DJ set.

So what the hell is a Shpongle? Was their first album really called Are You Shpongled? And what in shpongle's name is the Shpongletron 3.0?

Besides being fun to say (Shpongle. Shpongle! Shpongggggglllle...), Shpongle is, well, if you have to ask, you're probably missing the point, or are at least a couple cosmic planes lower than these guys. Posford, when he's spinning on his own outside of Shpongle, goes by the name "Hallucinogen." That pretty much say it all. They've attracted the label "psybient," a portmanteau of "psychedelic" and "ambient." Your best bet is to take a listen of your own. Here's the track "Brain in a Fish Tank," off of their latest album, 2013's Museum of Consciousness:

The other part of the Shpongle experience is the light show. Shpongle employs a VJ for each of their shows to direct the lights and animation with the music to create a full-on multimedia experience. Zebbler is the visual artist that designed Shpongletron 3.0. (You may not know the name, but he achieved national notoriety for designing the Aqua Teen Hunger Force LEDs that people in Boston mistook for bombs in 2007.) This may be the most awesome DJ booth ever assembled. Here's Zebbler's own video of what it looks like in action.

We have two tickets to give away for the show. To enter, email us at pghmusicreport [at], and put "shpongle" in the subject line. Desert Dwellers open. Tickets cost $22 and are available through Ticketweb.

– B. Conway