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Interview - Roman Remains - Altar Bar - 3.20.14 - Show Preview - Concert Preview

Roman Remains will be making an appearance at the Altar Bar next Thursday, 3.20. They will be opening for Gary Numan along with Big Black Delta. The duo, formerly of the excellent Delta Spirit, just released their debut LP Zeal this past week. It's quite the departure for Liela Moss and Toby Butler with a mix of electro, dance and industrial compared to their guitar driven Delta Spirit sound. The new album was recorded during a break in The Duke Spirit’s touring schedule and mixed by Damian Taylor (Bjork/Austra/UNKLE) during in Montreal. The group was kind enough to answer a few of our questions concerning their new direction, move to LA and visiting our city in the past.

You are originally London residents but currently reside in LA. What do you find the biggest hurdles for a musician between the two? What are the differences between the audiences?

Honestly the worlds we slide between are fairly homogenous - I feel like the people we seek and find have eclectic taste, lean towards drone darkness and greatness but also love heavy beats and get drunk and grind to Rhianna whilst spilling vodka on their Electric Prunes T shirt

You use a lot of electronic samples, instruments on your recording. How do you transfer this sound to a live venue?

With a multi tasking drummer setting off samples and playing a lot of live parts. He is Bradford Lee and you'll see him with smoke coming out of his ears, Toby is playing sampler too. It's been fucking tricky!

For several years you had success as Duke Spirit. What made you decide to branch out and try something else?

To find a new muse I suppose. Carve out different pathways in the brain

Your first LP ‘Zeal’, comes out this week. How do you feel about the finished product? Was it different recording the album than you did with Duke Spirit? How?

It was very quickly composed and chopped up like making a Frankenstein set of songs. Stitched together moments from different parts of the day, melodies switched across different tracks. That was pretty different for me to hear happening!

There is a lot more electro, industrial and dance music on this recording than in your previous output. What made you decide to go into this direction?

Toby had already started playing drum patterns for fun for a way to entertain his brain. Then he started to feel like song shapes were appearing. So we pursued them in case they were meaningful. And they were!

This Stone is Starting to Bleed is an interesting video. What is it about?

A shaman smelting precious metals and hiding his skills from the Russians. Or some shit about a metaphor for escaping Corruption by staying close to nature and the elements. Has no one told you NEVER to ask a band about their frickin videos!!

What do you think of the current media/social music world?

I can't keep up with it and wish we didn't stare at our phones all day but some aspects are charming and seem democratic and liberating. But I'm still on my guard about who is using all our information to try to sell junk back at us. Keep an open mind I guess

Now being a ‘in demand’ artist is it difficult/time consuming to maintain a relationship with fans/public?

No. It's never been an easier time to connect

What made you want to dedicate your life to music? Was there a show or album?

The Beastie Boys live ill communication tour 95, was pretty mind blowing. Bjork at Reading Festival when I was real young teenager. Watching music shows on BBC and channel 4. It was all feeding my head

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh?

Hello, I have played your city centre once before at a one dayer with Bob Dylan, Raconteurs, Black Mountain and Cee lo Greene. Hope those Pittsburgh cats still know to do it !!

Show begins at 7:30p with doors at 6:30p. Tickets are $25 and can be found here. More information on the band can be found at these sites:

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