Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Photos - San Fermin and Son Lux at the Warhol - 2.18.14

Nice double bill at the Warhol Tuesday. The male lead singer for San Fermin, Allen Tate, noted how quiet it was between songs. I don't know if I'd go quite so far as to say it was because the crowd was awestruck, but it is an impressive sight to see eight people splayed out across the stage, making beautiful music together. The band also treated the crowd to two new songs that have only been performed live a couple of times, "Parasite" and "Woman in Red."

If San Fermin is considered baroque for having a trumpet and violin, that must make the opener, Son Lux, avant-garde. Instead of a baritone sax there were quadruple tracked vocals, all sorts of frenetic keyboard samples, and an occasional guitar and/or drum freakout. I liked the songs a lot better live than how they sounded on the album.

Here's what you missed:

Son Lux:


San Fermin:

- B. Conway