Friday, October 18, 2013

Ticket Giveaway – Wild Belle – 10.23.13 – Rex Theater – Show Preview – Concert Preview

Wild Belle rolls into Pittsburgh Wednesday, the final stop on their national tour before they close it out with a hometown gig at the Metro in Chicago. We previewed the show a few weeks back in our “5 upcoming shows” post, and now we are pleased to announce a giveaway for it. Simply email us at, with “Wild Belle” in the subject line, to be entered for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see the band Wednesday at the Rex.

Wild Belle is the brother and sister duo of Elliot and Natalie Bergman. They credit their parents for exposing them to a diverse range of musicians growing up, and their distinct, calypso-tinged pop owes as much to Bob Marley as Fela Kuti. Natalie does most of the singing – Entertainment Weekly described her as having “sultry soul vocals with deep pass-the-dutchie raspiness” - while Elliot handles the rhythm.

They are touring in support of their premiere album, Isles. The Chicago Tribune called it “a first-rate pop album that doesn’t sound quite like anything else on pop radio.” The single, “Keep You,” danceable and dub-tastic, will stick in your ear for days:

The band is already earning something of a reputation for putting on exceptional live shows; their performance at SXSW having earned particular acclaim. And Elliot plays a mean baritone sax, so there's that.

Tickets to the show, at the Rex Theater, cost $12 - $15 at the door - and are available through Showclix.  Saint Rich opens.  The concert starts at 8. 

- B. Conway