Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Look Forward - 5 Upcoming Shows

“It is beautiful to give pizza new experiences”

In no particular order, here are five upcoming shows we are looking forward to:

Chance the Rapper. Saturday, Oct 26. Altar Bar.  $22 adv $25 door.
What we know: 20 year-old Chicago rapper released buzz worthiest of buzzworthy mixtapes in April, Acid Rap.  Followed up new found acclaim with an opening spot on Mac Miller's tour, which included  a stop at Stage AE July 12.  Now he's headlining his own tour. (The mixtape is still available for free at datpiff.)

What they're sayin': “An open-eared Chicago MC whose soulful sound and quick wit harkens back to the early days of Kanye West and Eminem.” - Pitchfork

Openers: DJ Rashad, Spinn

Sample lyrics...
Wore my feelings on my sleeveless
My weed seedless, my trees leafless
I miss my diagonal grilled cheeses
And back when Mike Jackson was still Jesus

...from the track: “Acid Rap”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Saturday, Oct 19. Altar Bar. $13 adv $15 door.

What we know: Branchild of Ruban Nielson, who comes from Portland by way of New Zealand.  Mid- 1960s-style, lo-fi psychedelica.  Opened for part of Grizzly Bear's 2012 tour.  Out on their own now, in support of highly-regarded sophomore release, II.

What the label says: “'II' signals the solidification of Unknown Mortal Orchestra's position as an infinitely intriguing, brave psychedelic band; unafraid to dig deeper and hit harder than the rest to lock into their intoxicating, opiate groove and bring rock'n'roll's exaggerated myths to life”

Openers: Wolf People, Jackson Scott

Sample lyrics...
words are floating through the windows
and in the house she blows them away
faded in the morning time
haters with their hearts asunder will ruin our parade

...from the track: “Faded in the Morning”

Wild Belle. Wednesday, Oct 23. Rex Theatre. $12

What we know: Indie sibling duo from Chicago compose chill, reggae-infused tunes with a splash of ska.  Sister Natalie provides most of the vocals, singing about heartbreak and two-timing men.  One album to date, Isles.  They spent the beginning of the year on tour with Toro y Moi.

What they're sayin': “Natalie Bergman and her brother Elliot are too inventive to get cast as style-rock band, experimenting with African thumb pianos, dub-reggae grooves, and sultry soul vocals with deep pass-the-dutchie raspiness.” - Entertainment Weekly

Openers: Saint Rich

Sample lyrics...
I lose sleep, I lose sleep
Too much I've seen
And I weep, yes, I weep
Cut your lips upon her body

...from the track: “Another Girl”

Johnny Marr. Tuesday, November 12.  Mr. Smalls.  $25

What we know: Co-wrote and played guitar for The Smiths.  'nuff said.

What they're sayin': “The Godlike Genius and guitar-slinger for hire finally goes it alone, rifling through pop history to reveal himself as a natural born frontman and a writer to rival his old mate Moz.” - NME

Openers: Alamar

Sample lyrics...
The underground is overground
The overground will pull you down
It's how it goes in these times
How we know it's in their eyes

...from the track: “Upstarts”

Anamanaguchi. Wednesday, December 18.  Mr. Smalls.  $12

What we know: Techno music is all “bleep bloop bloop bleep.” These guys embrace that highly accurate portrayal by using the sound cards from old computers and video game systems to create music that sounds like a 1980's video arcade.  The band, from New York City, composed the entire Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World soundtrack.

There are no openers as far as we can tell, and no lyrics either.  So instead we'll leave you with their video from the title track from their new album, Endless Fantasy, and an impression of that video from the blog Kitty Sneezes:

The video for “Endless Fantasy” features one of the most Millenial stunts you can imagine – sending a slice of pizza to space on a weather balloon.  Live streamed to a Brooklyn party, of course. It is beautiful to give pizza new experiences, and anyone watching that video can really identify with that slice of pizza. This is a cyberpunk aesthetic revived the way pop-punk sort of revived punk without the political content: pastel neon, laser space backgrounds, cute girls with piercings, never ending 1980's teenagerhood experienced as you only can in your thirties in 2013 when you can really appreciate it.

B. Conway

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