Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ticket Giveaway - Low w/ Mike Doughty - Altar Bar - Show preview - Concert Preview

Low will be making an appearance next Tuesday, 6.18 at the Altar Bar with a special guest appearance from Mike Doughty. The band is touring behind their new LP The Invisible Way released this past March via Sub Pop Records. For a new twist, the band enlisted Wilco headman Jeff Tweedy to produce the new record in his Chicago studio. The Invisible Way sounds crisp and live, produced to emphasize the individual instruments and to highlight their natural reverb. The sustain of the piano is a major component on "So Blow" and “Waiting”, and the Loft shapes the fading tones of Sparhawk’s sharply picked acoustic guitar on “Amethyst”. We are happy to be giving away a pair of tickets to the show. As usual just email us at with your name to enter.

From their press:

“While driving though Chicago, on tour, we stopped finally to visit Wilco at their studio, The Loft. They had invited us to come check it out several times over the years, but this would finally be the day. It’s a great place—a sea of instruments in a relaxed, open working environment. It’s cool, but what really converted us was hearing the new Mavis Staples tracks they were working on: big, simple, raw, and intimate. Plans were made then and there. 'Don’t break my Grammy streak.’

We have worked with many of the great engineer/producers. Jeff Tweedy has been on our side of the microphone for over 25 years, however with engineer (and fellow Grammy winner) Tom Schick, he has of late become a formidable and eclectic producer. He spoke a language we understood, but then took us effortlessly into the mystery. We’ve made many records, and you know our M.O.: slow, quiet, sometimes melancholy, and, we hope, sometimes pretty…How is this different from any other Low record?

Mimi sings lead on five of the eleven songs (she usually only does one or two, despite being a fan favorite).  Piano, lots of piano… and an acoustic guitar. Songs about intimacy, the drug war, the class war, plain old war war, archeology, and love. Thank you for your time again and please enjoy what we made. I think it’s beautiful.”

Show begins at 8p with doors at 7p. Tickets are $18 and can be found here