Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ticket Giveaway - Ramona Falls - 1.29.12 - Brillobox - Show Preview - Concert Preview

Ramona Falls will be making a stop next Tuesday, 11.29 at the Brillobox. They are touring behind their sophomore LP entitled Prophet out on Barsuk Records. Brent Knopf is the main lead and former member of Menomena. The album is based on Knopf's religious upbringing who's theme incorporates aspects of math, science, philosophy and faith. There are many different layers to the album making it expand between genres including pop, rock and opera. We are glad to be giving away a pair of tickets to the show. As usual just email us at pghmusicreport@gmail.com to enter.

From their press:

Like most of us, Brent Knopf watches a lot of YouTube videos, only he’s not watching kittens playing piano. Rather, his tastes err on the more experimental side of things—like people who attempt perpetual motion machines using magnets. “I love that they’re trying to harness an endless supply of energy,” says the Ramona Falls frontman, “and that they go against conventional wisdom in the hopes of true discovery.” Which is exactly what Knopf did last year, when he decided to quit the acclaimed art rock trio Menomena and devote his time to one epic, personal vision. “False freedom is the ratification of pre-rigged choices,” the musician paraphrases the philosopher Noam Chomsky, “while true freedom is the agency to shape the choices themselves.” But as Knopf is learning now with a full-time focus on a former side project, freedom comes with greater risk. Prophet, the second Ramona Falls album, is sonically, lyrically and thematically brighter. It’s also more organic and personal than anything he ever contributed to Menomena, or as the singer/multi-instrumentalist explains, “it’s more of a rapid transit line between my sleeve and my heart.”

Prophet, the album’s title, is an homage to Knopf’s religious upbringing, a titular reference to a worldview that reveres exalted seers who assert meaning despite the chaos. But as the newly empowered songwriter has discovered with Ramona Falls, it’s a better strategy to embrace the chaos. And then refashion it into a beautiful noise.

Show begins at 9:30p with doors at 9p. Tickets are $10 and can be found here

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ticket Giveaway - Hot Water Music - 1.30.12 - Altar Bar - Show Preview - Concert Preview

Hot Water Music will be making an appearance next Wednesday, 1.30 at the Altar Bar. The band is originally from my neck of the woods in Gainesville, FL. For over 20 years the band has been recording and making music. Their 8th studio album was released this past May entitled Exister. The album was a milestone for the band, reaching #33 on the Billboard Charts, the highest position for the band. Rolling Stone stated that "[Exister] finds the quartet returning to their roots in aggressive, emotionally volatile music."  We are happy to be giving away a pair of tickets to the show. As usual just email us at pghmusicreport@gmail.com with your name to enter.

The post punk, hardcore band is touring behind a recently released 2 audio and dvd recording from a live show back in 2008 at the Metro in Chicago. The albums is being released by No Idea Records and is also available in a 3 LP vinyl set entitled Live In Chicago.

Show begins at 8p with doors at 7p. Tickets are $23 and can be found here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ticket Giveaway - Heartless Bastards - 1.23.12 - Mr Smalls - Show Preview - Concert Preview

Heartless Bastards will be making another appearance in Pittsburgh. They were here this time last year appearing at a sold out show at Club Cafe. This time they will be making a stop next Wendesday, 1/23 at Mr Smalls Theater. The band is still touring behind last year's breakout album, Arrow which saw them gather much critical acclaim as well as selling out venues across the country including here. We are giving away a pair of tickets to the show. As usual just email us at pghmusicreport@gmail.com with your name to enter. 

From their bio:

Brimming with confidence and creativity, Arrow sees Heartless Bastards pushing their distinctive sound forward with their most eclectic, energetic collection thus far. The album – the Austin, Texas-based band’s first release with Partisan Records – is marked as ever by singer/guitarist/songwriter Erika Wennerstrom’s remarkable voice, at turns primal and pleading, heartfelt and heroic. Songs like “Parted Ways” and the searing “Low Low Low” expertly capture the Bastards’ multi-dimensional rock in all its strength and spirit. Following upon the difficult introspection of 2009’s acclaimed third album, The Mountain, Arrow stands as a powerhouse new beginning for Heartless Bastards.

Arrow showcases the depth and breath of the band’s indelible sound, with songs like “Got To Have Rock and Roll” and “Down In The Canyon” lighting upon spaghetti western film scores, Seventies soul, psychedelia, funk, blues, glam, and mudhole-stomping hard rock. Two years of nearly non-stop touring resulted in an astonishing musical telepathy among Heartless Bastards, with all four players intuitively able to craft Wennerstrom’s songs into maximum form.

Show begins at 8p with doors at 7p. Tickets are only $15 and can be found here

Friday, January 11, 2013

Show Preview - Night Moves - 1.22.12 - Shadow Lounge - Concert Preview

Night Moves will be appearing next Tuesday, 1.22 at The Shadow Lounge in East Liberty. The young trio is from Minneapolis, just releasing their first LP Colored Emotions. The album is described as a "psychedelic universe of an LP in which country, soul, and pop live in the same room". The band is often compared to MGMT, but that is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. The record creates a unique blend of psychedelia and twang. They made quite a splash in their hometown before picking up national attention and signing to Domino Records.

From their press:

The three core members of Night Moves first met at Southwest High School in Minneapolis. Following the tangential fits and starts typical of early music projects (including a detour to college and back), the ensemble took definite shape as Night Moves and is the crowning achievement to the long-standing collaboration between John Pelant and Mark Ritsema, who first met as freshman.Pelant’s taste for Dylan, Blind Lemon Jefferson, et. al, would prove most propitious for their future work together in Night Moves. Ritsema describes himself as being into electronic music at the time - a Daft Punk fan - when he met budding folknik Pelant. Pelant throughout high school would write some solo material but hadn’t been keen on sharing. Whatever musical differences there were between them faded as the motivation to play music together persisted over the next years.lone guitar solos cannot. Hence, there’s no cornball guitar hero antics in Night Moves. Instead, they carefully built their songs around strong acoustic and rhythmic grounds, the clarity of crystal-clear production, and Pelant’s deft howl. The reverb of hollow-body guitars, the bright wash of crash cymbals, the haze of harmonica and organ tremolo – this is the album’s bedrock and it shines like gold. And just as The Zombies’ classic Odyssey and Oracle has surprising melodic twists and shape-shifting choruses but never beats you over the head with them, the epic arrangements throughout Colored Emotions are sophisticated but not overbearing. Standouts “Headlights” and “Country the motivation to play music together persisted over the next years.

In 2009, with the group at last solidified with the addition of bassist Micky Alfano, Night Moves began the long, astounding odyssey that was recording their meticulous debut album Colored Emotions. Nearly two years in the making, the debut exudes the craft and professionalism of a seasoned band. It was these painstakingly self-recorded tracks Night Moves prepared themselves that attracted inte0rest from Domino, further developed with the appointment of studio guru Thom Monahan to take the album and set it free, so to speak.

The songs of Night Moves conjure a spiritual energy only twenty-somethings dislodged by adversity and isolation could produce. An album like Colored Emotions seems intent to turn inward to create a joyous universe within its own boundaries. Certainly, the group's musical abilities are innate without ever being too self-conscious about it. It’s as if Colored Emotions came second nature to them and the arrival of the rest of us took them by surprise.

The show begins at 6p with it ending at 9:30p. More information can be found here.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ticket Giveaway - Jenny Owen Youngs - 1.19.12 - Brillobox - Show Preview - Concert Preview

Jenny Owen Youngs will be appearing at the Brillobox next Saturday, 1.19. She was at the same place last February where we featured her here. She has not had an official new album since An Unwavering Band of Light but has been producing new music based on an fascinating premise. Currently, she is venturing weekly to a New York City Museum, a total of eight. During this time she is soaking up the ambiance and creating a song about her experience. The project is entitled Exhibit. We are also happy to be giving away a pair of tickets to the show. As usual just email us at pghmusicreport@gmail.com with your name to enter.

And from her previous album:

Show begins at 10p with doors at 9:30p. Tickets are $12 and can be found here. For more information on JOY go to these sites: