Saturday, November 3, 2012

Show Announcement - Sleigh Bells - 11.10.12 - CMU - Show Preview

Just a quick show announcement as I was just informed of this today. Sleigh Bells will be performing next Saturday at CMU's annual Fall Festival. Quite the booking compared to recent years for the student run activities board. The show will be performed in Wiegand Gym within the University Center. I really would prefer Rangos Ballroom, but hopefully SB will know how to play a very echo filled gym. If you were at their sold out Mr Smalls appearance this past July, you know the band puts on a sweat fueled dance party.

This concert is free to all CMU students and a measly $10 for non. It will surely sellout again, so make sure to get your ticket soon. One hope for me is that they aren't able to setup that horrible light show they have. I whined about it here. It really gets old when you can't make out people onstage and are constantly blinded...but that's just me.

More information about the show can be found here.

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