Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good and Bad Live Acts - The List

Haven't had a chance to write much lately, but have a little time this evening. If you saw my tweets from a couple of weeks ago, you know I was gushing over the Metric show at Stage AE. Let it be known I am definite Emily Haines uberfan. It got me thinking about artists that I have seen on multiple occasions which   have never disappointed, and those who disappoint every single time. Here is a short list.

Never Disappointed

1) Metric - Admittedly I have a grade school crush when it comes to EH and this band. But honestly, seeing them five times, they have never let the audience down. EH is constantly jumping and dancing always showing off the best gams in the biz. They always put the crowd into a frenzy, boogying on the floor and most of the time singing along. This time I noticed a good portion of the audience didn't appear to recognize their excellent new album Synthetica. But this didn't deter the crowd showing their passion by bouncing constantly to each song.

2) Arcade Fire - Been lucky enough to see this act a few times and I don't know that they could ever put on a bad show. Constantly interchanging instruments, all members singing in unison, they are the definition of a 'family band'. Providing energy, sweat, tears and a perpetual flow of emotion, AF provide every audience member all sorts of fervor during their shows.

3) Dismemberment Plan - Saw these guys over seven times back in the day. And they put on one of the best, entertaining live shows. No schtick, just pure indie rock at it's best. It always is a good time, usually in a small venue. If you have the opportunity to see them at a reunion show, make sure you do.

Most Disappointing

1) Animal Collective - Seen these guys a couple of times and walked away from both shows. While creating some of the most diverse, appealing LP's in the last decade, their live concerts make you want to put a gun to your head. You can read my feelings more here.

2) Andrew Bird -  I absolutely loved his breakout LP The Mysterious Production of Eggs. I really wanted to like AB, but he constantly disappointed me live. I saw him over five times and he is just awful. Boring, boring, boring. The last time I saw him I wanted to walk onstage, demolish his pedals, trash his phonograph and destroy Doss's drum set. Oh, I am exaggerating. He just isn't good.

3) Spoon - I love these guys. Really do. But something about their live show just makes me say afterward "meh". For the money you have to pay to see them, their should be more energy, more interaction, more anything. They just don't do much for a $25 fee.