Sunday, September 23, 2012

Show Preview - Aesop Rock - Altar Bar - 10.4.12 - Concert Preview

Legendary indie hip hop artist Aesop Rock (aka Ian Bavitz) will be appearing at the Altar Bar next Thursday, 10.4. Since the early 1990's Ian Bavitz has been at the forefront of the underground scene residing in NYC during those years, but now living in San Fransisco. He is touring behind his new LP Skelethon released this past April on Ryhmesayers Records. It's his first album in 5 years and his sixth LP to date. The record is dark and dense with melancholy throughout the lyrics and sounds. Featuring songs from musicians as ZZ Top and Kimya Dawson, Bavitz stretches his rhymes and rhythms to areas he has only touched on before.

From his press:

Iconic New York-born, San Francisco-based rapper and producer, Aesop Rock, is joining forces with Rhymesayers to release his sixth studio album, Skelethon, on July 10th 2012. Since the release of None Shall Pass in 2007, we've seen Aesop Rock touring the world, launching online arts outlet,, and collaborating on LPs with Felt, Hail Mary Mallon, the Uncluded and more. Skelethon not only sees the rapper back waxing poetically on his own but also marks his first wholly self-produced effort. While the sounds are familiar, we see Aesop venturing in some exciting new directions with guest appearances from indie rock archetype,Kimya Dawson, as well as Allyson Baker of Dirty Ghosts, Hanni El Khatib, Nicky Fleming-Yaryan, Rob Sonic, DJ Big Wiz and the Grimace Federation. Aesop's new album follows in the wake of several deep personal losses and highlights subject matter that deals with the sometimes-futile ways people try to cope with serious issues. The cover art comes from Barcelona-based painter Aryz. Skelethon is set to be both a showpiece for his illustrious career and a serious payoff for his droves of ever-patient loyal fans.

Show begins at 7p with doors at 6p. Tickets are $20 and can be found here