Saturday, August 4, 2012

Top Shows 2012 - Mid Year Report

I usually post a mid-year report on the best shows I have seen since January. However, I missed the boat due to, well a few things. Since I saw two of the best this week, I am posting now.

If you didn't catch Drusky's back to back to back concerts this week you missed out. Two of these will probably make my eoy list. But let's do the top 3.

#3  M83 Carnegie Library Homestead - 8.2 - Amazing show in a good venue. Beach House and Sleigh Bells lighting crews should attend and see how a professional setup is done. If you were at either of those shows you know that every 3 seconds you were blinded by a strobe directly in your eyes. Plus, silohuettes are cool and add ambiance, but at some point I would actually enjoy seeing the band. That wasn't a problem at this show. The lighting was remarkable with no issue of actually making out the faces of the band. Plus, I felt I was watching more of a theater performance than an actual concert. I wish more had seen opener Big Black Delta because they would have enjoyed. You can't take alcohol into the theater (most were drinking outside), but you can drink water and soda inside. Makes sense.

#2  The Tallest Man On Earth - New Hazlett Theater 8.1 - If you missed this sold out show at this venue, with this artist, shame on you. There is something to be said for a sold out concert that is seated in a stellar theater where there isn't a bad seat (although we were 4th row floor). As with recent capacity concerts (Beach House, Sleigh Bells) sometimes they can annoy with constant bumping by drunk individuals or not being able to get a decent view of the stage. This wasn't the case this evening. I was a bit worried when TMOE ventured onstage in a wife beater looking like a Swedish Gypsy, but my concern was soon laid to rest. Kristian Matsson was onstage with only a microphone, stool, piano, and a few guitars. His reach and tone were unmistakable, even haunting at times. He had the quiet confidence of someone who enjoys the spotlight, but is not overwhelmed by it. My girl Sam was almost brought to tears by his performance holding back a couple of times next to me (she's also an uber fan). I won't go that far, but the performance will stay with me quite some time. Oh, and in this theater, you can drink alcohol in your seat. Step it up Homestead.

#1 Jaymay - Club Cafe - 1.25 - I already spoke about this show here. Let's just say Jaymay has what a solo performer should: wit, charisma, captivating, etc. Fantastic performance, hand's down my favorite still this year, although TMOE is a very close second.