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Ticket Giveaway - Nada Surf w/ Waters - Stage AE - 6.20.12 - Show Preview - Concert Preview

Stage AE will be welcoming indie rock legends Nada Surf next Wednesday, 6.20. The three piece are touring behind their first LP in four years The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy. The new album is a departure from previous with the band letting lose in the studio to bring that live sound and energy. The songs blister with upbeat tempos and strong hooks showcasing vintage indie and brit pop sound. Opening for NS is Waters who we featured this past December when they opened for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at Mr Smalls. We are happy to be giving away a pair of tickets to the show. As usual, just email us at with your name to enter. And thanks to good the folks at Stage AE for providing.

From their press:

Stars is Nada Surf’s first album of new material in almost four years. After touring 2008′s acclaimedLucky, they released 2010′s palindromically titled If I Had a Hi-Fi, an album of covers of some of the band’s favorite musicians, like Kate Bush, Arthur Russell, Bill Fox and the Go-Betweens on their own label Mardev. They originally approached it as a quick, fun project, but quickly threw their all into it, majorly reinventing the songs, making the most of the studio and playing with typical passion, brains and heart.  Chris Shaw came in to record and produce. Shaw, who’s made records with the likes of Bob Dylan, Elvis Perkins in Dearland, Super Furry Animals and Wilco, had mixed Nada Surf’s indie hit “Always Love,” impressing the band with his quick and expert work, not to mention his sense of humor. They recorded on a strict schedule — in fact, things were so tight that Caws finished his last vocals just 30 seconds before he got in a taxi to catch a flight to London.

Sure, the songs are introspective and yet on songs like “The Moon Is Calling” and “Clear Eye Clouded Mind,” and “No Snow on the Mountain” the outer world supplies a lot of the imagery this time, as well as the profound title, which is a saying of Caws’s father, a noted philosophy professor. Instead of self-analysis, songs like “The Future” feel more like a voyage. Some feel unconscious: “I like the lines ‘bring me up / deliver me out/ take me to the door/ I’m not running anymore,’” says Caws of “The Moon is Calling,” “because on a certain level, I had no idea what I was talking about, but I felt ecstatic making it up.

From our interview with Waters:

You went back to Oslo to flesh these songs out with other musicians. Why Oslo? And then record in Dallas?

I knew I had some amazing musicians to work with in Oslo that could really help bring this project to life. Nikolai (my guitarist) had done a tour with Port O'Brien, and I knew I worked with him well. And two of his best friends happened to be an amazing drummer, and an amazing bassist, so it really just fell into place.

In the bio it mentions that this is the first time you experienced seasons and this had something to do with your writing process. Is this accurate?

Yes. Growing up in the central coast of California, its pretty much always "hoodie" weather. I never even thought about buying a coat or a jacket throughout my whole life. To be all of a sudden immersed in Oslo and New York, with their very noticeable seasonal differences definitely makes it easier to mark the passage of time, and you grow to appreciate the warmer weather much more. The seasons made me feel further away from home, and distanced myself from the cozy California scene that made me better able to reflect on what I was leaving behind.

How was working with producer John Congleton? What made you choose him? What did he bring to the table that you weren’t expecting?

He was amazing to work with. He kept things raw and focused. He distrusted any effort to tidy things up or make things pretty sounding. He made me proud of the imperfections of my voice, and really pushed me in ways that helped make the record be honest.

Show begins at 8p with tickets only $17 which can be found here

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