Monday, June 18, 2012

Show Preview - Dope Body - Garfield Artworks - 6.20.12 - Concert Preview

Baltimore based noise rock band Dope Body will be performing at Garfield Artworks this Wednesday, 6.20. They are touring behind their new LP Natural History that was released via Drag City. It's their sophomore record from the four piece that shows them expanding their sound with hyperactive pop.

From their press:

Dope Body, Baltimore, MD's four-headed beast, fire their second salvo, Natural History, on May 22nd. Borne in 2008 from the dance-friendly confines of the city's Wham City scene, this unclassifiable heavy ventured out into the night to find more like-minds, but came back empty-handed - i.e., they stand alone. Evolving from blasting three-piece to blistering four-piece, they enjoy writing their own songs, touring endlessly, having fun and pummeling basement parties with a gleeful, wide-eyed fanaticism that the more reasonable among us might mistake for insanity (it ain't entirely so). Dope Body writhe under their own influences and experiments, swinging from gutterish sludge-punk to snake charmer-on-fire within the confines of a single tune. Rather than compare their ferocity to another contender, just know that Dope Body is punk spelled other-wards and standing on its hands, with riffs descending like blood rushing from your feet to your head, then trickling down the drain.

Dope Body released their LP debut Nupping [Hit Dat/Hoss] in 2011. Natural History is their first release on Drag City.

Show begins at 8p with and will be at Garfield Artworks

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