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Ticket Giveaway - Interview - Here We Go Magic - 5.15.12 - Brillobox - Show Preview - Concert Preview

Here We Go Magic will be playing at the Brillobox Tuesday, 5.15. They are touring behind their new LP A Different Ship that will be released on May 8th. The album was produced by no other than Radiohead mainstay Nigel Godrich. Here We Go Magic are known for their attractive harmonies, often featuring two to four vocalists feeling as if they are each singing a different song. What should be a train wreck instead becomes a layered dream effect, where you might not understand what they are saying but feel the extraordinary flow. Lead man Luke Temple was kind enough to answer a few questions about the new album, Nigel Godrich and his feeling that the CD is dead. We also have a pair of tickets to giveaway to the show, as usual just email us at: 

Your new album A Different Ship comes out in May. How was this album different from your previous?

If you are referring to how the process was different we worked with a producer for this one, Nigel Godrich, which we hadn't done before.

Nigel Godrich let a hand to this new album. How much of a factor did he play in the sound? How was it to work with a legend?

 He gave it much more space and clarity. It wouldn't have been productive to think of it that way, he's a lovely guy that happens to be extraordinary at what he does. 

You recorded this in Godrich’s London studio. Did recording this in London have any different affect on your songs then in the US?

Not consciously, his studio had an effect but I'm not sure the city did much. We didn't see much of it to be honest,we were in the studio the whole time

You have received a great deal of positive press within the last few years. How has this made you look at your career going forward? 

The problem is that I tend to focus on the bad press so I try not to read any of it.

I just watched your video for the first single ‘Make Up Your Mind’. There are girls in their underwear plus a bondage looking guy. What is the story behind the video?

My friend Nathaniel Johnson who made the video thought of it.

What do you think of the current media/social music world? With albums being able to d/l for free, what changes need to be made to maintain an ‘indie’ band such as yourself? What modifications need to be made in your opinion? 

I personally don't see the point of spending any money manufacturing CDs . We are in the last dying gasp of the CD era. As far as we are concerned as a band we take the live show as the most tangible and consistent vehicle for our music, if people want to come see us I figure we will be fine

What are your upcoming goals? What would you like to accomplish?

Much bigger audience, 10,000 cap sold out shows!
What mad you want to dedicate your life to music?

The love for music was just natural, I could always feel it very strongly. It's a world I would rather inhabit than any other, meaning the internal one of music.. Not the business.

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh? 

 As for Pittsburgh, I always get lost there but otherwise a good town.

Show begins at 9:30p with doors at 9p. Tickets can be found here. More information about the band:

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