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Ticket Giveaway - Interview - Turbo Fruits - 4.23.12 - Rex Theater - Show Preview - Concert Preview

The Turbo Fruits will be making an appearance next Monday, 4.23 at the Rex Theater. They will be opening for Deer Tick this evening. The Memphis base four piece are led by Jonas Stein, former Be Your Own Pet band member. They play a punk, dirty, rock, heavy, surf blend of music that is intensified by their well known energetic shows. The band will be releasing their first LP this September on Kings of Leons label Serpent & Snakes. The band was kind enough to answer a few questions about their live show, their recent appearance at SXSW and how they were stripped search in Canada.....And of course we have a pair of tickets to giveaway for the show. You know what to do....send us an email with your name to to enter.

You have gone through several lineup changes in a short time. Do you feel relatively stable now? 

Yes. very stable. It has taken some time to find some extremely dedicated bandmates. In the past all my bandmates were younger than me... eager to explore the world via travel and music. Now I am the youngest one. My bandmates know what they want and they seem to be here for good. Together we can tour for 10 weeks straight, sleep on floors and still hang out the day after we get home from tour. I'm very appreciative of this.

You appeared in Drew Barrymores Whip It film. How did that happen? Was she a fan? How was that experience?

I got a random email from from my friend Jason Wilkins (he runs Soundland Festival in Nashville) and he told me some indie movie was looking for a rock band to be used in the film. not knowing what it was or who was involved I blindly said yes we're interested. So I sent him some music to give the film folks. Next email I get my friend Jason apologizes for being so vague and explains to me the significance of this "indie" film. Says we were submitted as 1 of 20 other bands. I then realized it was a long shot.. one week later I get a call from our manager and he tells me that Drew handpicked us out of the bunch. We got to record some songs with Jim Diamond in Detroit for the film and I got to say a line in a 7 million dollar movie. One hell of a week that was.

Turbo Fruits from Grooveshark on Vimeo.

I read in one of your interviews you were stripped search in Canada. Is that accurate? And why did this happen? Did the Canucks apologize afterwards? 

I was actually on my way to the WHIP IT film set in Detroit.. We had this new GPS thing... There was a lot of construction going on in the area and the GPS tried to reroute us and decided to take us over the windsor bridge... I wasn't driving and was playing games on my computer. Non of us realized that we were on the bridge to Canada.. once we did realize this we started thinking about the weed we had in our car and my first thought was "oh we'll just tell them that we want to turn around and that we didn't mean to come here" but that didn't work... they decided to search our car and called us "little fuckers" after they found the stash. Then they cuffed us and interrogated us. After 2 hours of scaring the shit out of us.. they told us as long as our stash didn't weigh over a certain amount then they would let us back over the border.. I knew we would be let back over because we didn't have much on us. BUT the catch was.. "we have to individually strip search each of you". I told the officer that I didn't have anything hiding on my I just really didn't want to get naked in front of him. He said "sorry kid.. that's how it's gotta be". So.. I was the first to go.. strip searched by two men armed with guns. I mostly just remember "lift your boys" and "spread 'em". Enough of that shit.

Your live sets are known to get pretty wild, vigorous. Is it difficult to maintain that level of energy every night on tour?

We try to keep that energy up as much as possible. We really feed off of crowds and they feed off of us. It's not an "Us and Them" type of deal. Turbo Fruits and The Crowd work together to make for a fun show.

What made you want to record a heavy, lo fi sound? How did it come about? I read it was originally a solo project?

 Turbo Fruits love to RAWK. It wasn't originally a solo project... I started the band and went through a couple of lineups due to former band mates wanting to do other things such as play other type of music and travel around. So I have kept TF alive since day one. Some of our stuff is kinda low-fi but our unreleased album is hi-fi. we recorded is onto 2" tape with Jim Eno of Spoon. Really excited for it.

You just recently played SXSW. How did that experience go? Does it get any better with age? 

This was my 8th year in a row playing sxsw. It went really well. I get more annoyed each year having to deal with all the traffic and parking issues but what I've learned is where not to go and hangout. When I was 17 I was high off the amount of people in such a small area. Now I'm 24 and I'm over it. I have a lot of friends is Austin and I can keep myself entertained outside of the downtown area!

I don’t see a proper lp out. Are you working on one? Or just release singles here and there? 

We have a new LP coming out in September. Produced by Jim Eno of Spoon. Until then we'll give you a few more singles to keep you entertained!

You have a bit of a following in the UK. How are European audiences compared to the US? What about touring in the UK v US? 

 I prefer touring the US right now because a lot of times we rely on hospitality to find places to sleep. From my last experience, outside of london, I learned that folks in the UK weren't nearly as hospitable to TF as folks in the US. the crowds in London were good and the crowds in Germany were also good. France.... not so much.

What are your upcoming goals? What would you like to accomplish?

I think the boys and I want to be able to make a fair living off of music. We can't sleep on floors forever. We're gonna keep on working really hard and try to deliver another full length LP within a year or so of our next one.

What made you want to dedicate your life to music? Was there a show or album? 

I accidentally fell into it. started going to punk rock shows at this pizza place when I was 13 and then started my own bands and got really lucky a couple of times. It's what I know how to do best. That and riding motorcycles.

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh? 


Turbo Fruits will begin at 8p with doors at 7p. Tickets are $15 and can be found here. More information about the band can be found at these sites:

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