Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ticket Giveaway - Jeffrey Lewis - 3.24.12 - Club Cafe - Show Preview

Jeffrey Lewis will be performing this Saturday, 3.24 at Club Cafe. The quirky musician and comic book artist brings his brand of ironic folk pop to the small club this evening with guest Kid Brother. He is touring behind his latest LP,  A TURN IN THE DREAM-SONGS, out this past year on Rough Trade Records. We first caught a glimpse of JL about 4 years ago opening for someone (who obviously didn't make an impression) at Mr Smalls. He simply stole the evening, playing solo while turning his comic books onstage with each song. His melodic vocals and folk guitar plucks merge with self deprecating lyrics to create his catchy songs.We are hoping to get an interview within in the next day, but for now, we would like to offer you a free pair of tickets to the show. As usual, just email us with your name at

From his press:

Jarvis Cocker says Jeffrey Lewis is the finest lyricist of his generation and coming from him that’s quite an accolade. We’re inclined to agree and really it’s quite undeniable when you hear him explain the history of communist China or being sexually assaulted on a train by Will Oldham through song with an ease that makes you forget he’s being limited by rhythm and rhyme. Jeff’s the product of loving beatnik parents who raised him in New York’s Lower East Side in a tenement apartment with no television (it seems they’re on to something there). Before Jeffrey could even read he was crazy about comic books, which is probably why listening to his lo-fi anti folk punk rock feels a lot like reading one.

Nearly all of his songs contain at least one killer lyric that you’ll want to tell people about when you hear it. This writer for instance has explained the storyline of ‘Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song’ to every friend and family member. Lewis’s themes may range from bad acid trips to politcal history and oral sex, but there’s an overriding preoccupation that tends towards the life affirming. Relentless positivity usually makes us puke, but how irresistible are lines like, “bad times give you something to talk about/the next time you feel you’re all worn out/remember life is a story, don’t you doubt/it only takes a day for everything to turn around”.

This is the early show at Club Cafe with doors at 6p and show at 7p. Tickets are only $8 and can be found here

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