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Ticket Giveaway - Interview - Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - 4.7.12 - Brillobox - Show Preview - Concert Preview

Margot and the Nuclear So & So's will be making a stop at the Brillobox, next Saturday 4.7. The band recently self released their new LP Rot Gut, Domestic this past week. It has steadily been gaining buzz on the blogosphere, as the band kept the album close to the vest during the production. The Indianapolis based group is fronted by Richard Edwards, the mainstay of every Margot album. We are big fans of Margot having featured interviews with Richard here and here. He was generous enough to speak with us again about the new album, touring with Greg Dulli and how Peyton Manning is no longer a Colt. We are happy to be giving away a pair of tickets to the show. As usual, just email us your name to pghmusicreport@gmail.com to enter.

First, have to get this out of the way. What do you think of Peyton Manning being released by the Colts? Smart? Would you take Andrew Luck or RG3?

It's very sad for the obvious reasons, but seems like the wise move. That being said, it's the wise move because they did a bad job gradually upgrading the team, and now they're forced with the prospect of a complete tear down. I like RG3 better, but would probably take Luck. 


Your past albums have been released on major label Artemis Record, V2, Epic. This time around you had a Pledge Music campaign and self released Rot Gut, Domestic. What brought about this change? 

We've actually been self releasing for a couple years. Buzzard was also released on our label. The reasons for doing it are many, but the increased freedom is as good a reason as any.

How did the incentive based rewards for donating workout (including credits in linear notes, band member mixing your own song, etc)? I see on the site you had pledges almost 3x what you asked. Did people keep their pledges and send the funds?

Everything seemed to work very well. I would do it again.

You have always had dark, gloomy lyrics about alienation, frustration and anxiety. Are all these from your personal experiences? Or is this more character motivated?

The lyrics are about all sorts of things. Sometimes it's personal experiences, sometimes they are bible stories. There's a fair amount of darker humor in the songs, as well, but people do tend to focus on the other stuff.

Your last album Buzzard was more guitar driven than the baroque sound of your earlier records. Rot Gut appears to even go further with this sound, comparably to 90’s alt rock. Would you agree? Or do you feel this was a natural progression?

I can see some similarities to 90's alternative music, mixed in with a bunch of other stuff. I think it was a natural evolution. Just felt like playing electric guitars. I generally do something until I suddenly feel like not doing it. There's very little plotting or premeditation. I like making music with all sorts of sounds and instruments.

Did you have any definitive direction when you began the album with regards to sound? How did others input affect the direction?

Not really, besides feeling like it was going to be another guitar centric affair. I'd say John Congleton, who produced the record with us, always encouraged the big loud things to be unapologetically big and loud. If it wants to rock, let it rock.

I read that the your song ‘The Devil’ off the album is the bands favorite, but no one originally wanted it on the record besides yourself. Why is that? And what made them come around?

I can't really remember, but probably just because it's a bit bizarre. Not traditionally structured. When you bring a demo of a song like that in to the studio, it is sometimes hard for others to see what it's going to eventually be. As the recording of it comes together, and it starts sounding cool, people's guards generally come down. 

The last time you were you were supporting Greg Dulli’s Twilight Singers. How did that tour go? Were you able to garner advice, perspective from the indie rock legend?

The tour was great. I'd say most of the advice I took from Greg was health based. Musically, we both like each others bands quite a bit. I enjoy hanging out with him. He's a good egg.

Anything you like to say to Pittsburgh?

When we play, please bring any pictures you took during the Batman shoot. I want to see them.

This is a later show with doors at 9:30 and show beginning at 10p. More information can be found here

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