Sunday, March 25, 2012

Show Review - Larry and His Flask - Altar Bar - 3.9.12 - Pittsburgh - Concert Review - Live Review

I've never found it more difficult to place a band in a single genre as I did with Larry and His Flask.  The six piece, all of them multi instrumentalists playing a variety of mandolin, banjo, percussion, and horns, brought their literal blend of folk, alternative country, and americana into Pittsburgh part of the Stewed, Screwed, and Tattooed tour in support of the cult road veterans Reverend Horton Heat.

The Altar Bar stage could barely contain them all as they pumped out set opener "Blood Drunk" to a mixed crowd of rockabilly and punk fans.  With founder Jamin Marshall providing percussion and brother Jesse twisting behind him on the upright bass the band slowly rev'd the crowd into a swinging dance craze.  The only slow down section of the set was during the song named for such an occasion, "Slow It Down".  

Finishing the 45 minute set the band invited openers The Goddamn Gallows back on stage for an "in the crowd" party.  Lead vocalist Ian Cook jumped on the bar leading the pandemonium while the long bearded, now wolf masked Dallin Bulkey stirred the crowd into a trance with the rest of the band lip syncing every lyric as sweat poured from their faces.   

The road warriors thanked the crowd and departed the stage looking like they were leaving the place they were meant to always be on, the stage.  No worries though, the band had an enormous selection of merchandise to remember them by.  And yes, they actually do sell LAHF flasks.

-Johnathon Puff


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