Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Video Review - Little Barrie + Charles Bradley - 2.24.12 - Rex Theater

My fellow blogger beat me to the punch. We saw a fantastic show this past Friday night. Obviously I was hyping Little Barrie who did a tremendous job. I'll have to say I was not familiar with Charles Bradley. Watching a 64 year old man still making the moves he made onstage was quite impressive (splits, etc). The guy was from my neck of the woods, Gainesville, FL, before making his way to NYC at a young age. He was old school too with a big pick hanging out of his back pant pocket (we saw him outside). I believe my mom would have enjoyed it.

Watch the move at the 2:30 mark

Little Barrie had so much talent on their side. The lead actually strummed his guitar with only his ring finger. Never had I seen that before at such a rapid pace.

Very pleasant evening.

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