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Ticket Giveaway - Interview - Whitehorse - 3.2.12 - Club Cafe - Show Preview - Concert Preview -

Whitehorse will be performing next Friday at Club Cafe. The husband and wife duo of Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland come by way of Toronto where they are both well respected and accomplished artists. Individually, the couple have been recognized and nominated for such awards as the Juno, Canadian Folk Music and Polaris. They recently released their first venture as a duet this past year which is self titled. We are giving away a pair of tickets to the show. As usual just email us at with your name.

Luke Doucet was kind enough to answer a few questions from us about their writing process as a couple, their lyrical content and his apologies for Sid.

Is this your first official combined output as a couple? You have several albums under your own names. What made you want to write together?

This is the first official record together although we've been a big part of each other's music for a while. I've produced records for Melissa & she's been contributing to mine. We were motivated mostly by wanting to tour together & just accepted that we are always stronger together. We are each other's strongest musical (& personal) asset.

You both have differing groups of fan bases. How has the reaction been to the album from both? How accepting have they been?

There are always a few fans who don't get the blend between us or simply prefer one to the other & that's fair. Mostly, I think people dig it. Most of our fans are used to seeing/hearing us together anyway.

Will this be your main project moving forward for the foreseeable time?

Yes. I have no plans to return to making solo records anytime soon. Neither does Melissa, as far as I know.

This album only has 8 tracks. Do you currently have more songs written and recorded?

Tons. We'll be releasing a longer record in the fall.

How would you say this endeavor is different from past outputs both musically/lyrically?

There's more fiction in Whitehorse. Melissa ia a great fiction writer. I can't tell how different the music is--I'm too close to it--but I know there is a sound that hasn't existed till now. It's that 1+1=3 thing. By agreeing to share all the responsibilities for songs, we've created something that is greater than the sum so to speak.

Did you self produce this album? Was this a different path with both of you working in the studio on the same music?

I did produce it but Melissa had a big hand too. We just work together until we like it. I'll get production credit because once the skeleton of the song is in place, I tend to play most of the additional instruments. But most creative decisions are made together.

I read that Luke’s daughter has offered vocals to some of his past albums. Did she help with any of these recordings?

She usually plays on a few tracks but not on this record. She'll make an appearance on the follow-up.

How did the songwriting process work? Did you both bring lyrics/music to the table? Or?

We each bring songs to the table & then tweak/re-write as needed. Some are fully realized out of the gate & some require some prodding. Our main rule is nothing is personal & the less ego the better. So we really try to put the songs first. Sounds cliche but it's harder that it sounds. Sometimes we are emotionally attached to something and we lose the ability to hear it for what it is. That's where the partnership becomes very useful. I think we trust each other.

What are your upcoming goals? What would you like to accomplish?

Our goals don't change much. We just want to make the best music we can. Maybe the definition of 'good music' changes but we are always trying to get that feeling, where we look at each other & go "yeah, yeah, yeah--that's it!".

What made you want to dedicate your life to music? Was there a show or album?

I'm too small for the football team & I wanted to meet girls. And The Beatles' White Album. And I want to spend my life travelling.

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh?

Sorry about Crosby.

This is the early show on Friday at Club Cafe with doors at 6p and show beginning at 7p. Tickets are only $8 and can be found here. You can find more information about the band at these links:

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