Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interview - Show Review - Mr Gnome - Brillobox - 10.8.11 - Concert Review - Pittsburgh

Mr Gnome played this past Saturday at the Brillobox putting on their normal stellar show. I think if this duo was based out of NYC, they would get more attention. My only complaint was a couple of people talking loudly during their softer moments. I did yell at them, but it had no real effect. We weren't able to get an interview up before they played, but are able to post it now. Enjoy the videos from the show and interview below.

You usually perform as a duo, but on recent video I noticed there was another musician for your live show. Are you incorporating other musicians in your live setting to flesh out the sound?

We bring Sam's little brother, Jonah, on stage with us sometimes for our home shows.  He's an excellent guitar player and we love bringing him up whenever we can.  I think the video you saw was at a show where we were playing some songs from Heave Yer Skeleton that we always wanted to play live but needed some additional instrumentation in order to make that happen.  He also plays some guitar and bass on the very last track of our new record.

How is your new album Madness in Miniature different from your previous? Was there something you were striving for? You used the same producer and studio so I assume it's something you wanted to maintain.

It's hard to say exactly how it's different, especially after spending so much time on the record...it's a little difficult to analyze it in that way.  What we hope for it to be is an extension of where we left off with Heave...hopefully a progression of our sound.  We're always trying to evolve as songwriters and allow songs to develop naturally and go wherever feels best.  We love records that really flow and take the listener on a sonic adventure so that's definitely what we were going for.  We actually did this one a little differently - we tracked the drums and most of the guitars at Pink Duck in L.A. and recorded the vocals, some piano, and a few more guitars at our place in Cleveland.  That was a really awesome experience - doing all of the vocals in the same exact room where we wrote all of the songs so I think it helped the vocals to have a little more ease in 'em.  We also did the interludes and both of the softer songs on the records ("Winter" & "Watch the City Sail Away") at our place…this gave us a lot more time to experiment and really tweak everything until we were totally happy with it.

You are still self releasing these albums through El Marko Records. Have you thought about signing to a label to help you promote? Gain larger exposure? etc?

Yes, we've talked with labels but none of the offers ever seem right.  They always want to change something about us and we're just really not about that.  We'd rather always be weird, always do our own thing because that's why we make music and art…because we love to create and signing to a label that wants to mess with that just doesn't seem as important.  Plus they wanted a night alone with Sam...he was scared, but willing.  I just didn't want the little guy to have to go through with that.  

This is your third proper lp over the past years. With doing this more on the DIY style, have you seen your fanbase grow? Are you seeing the results you hoped for?

Yes, for sure.  Every tour has been better than the last.  We were hoping to be opening for The Jonas Brothers at this point but we haven't gotten that call yet.

There is always underlying comments, jokes on your blog, swag, etc. concerning pornography. Is this more of tounge and cheek type deal? Or are you trying to record for the porn industry one day?

We'd be liars to say that porn isn't awesome.  But really, I thought we talked about time travel way more than porn?  Time travel and porn…now that's awesome.  That's actually a great idea for a porn.  Do you think that's been done already?

I have only listened to the album once, so I might be way off. But is there a quieter sound than in the past albums?

I don't think it's quieter as a whole but I think that the quiet moments are probably the most quiet we've ever gotten.  That's a lot of quiets in one sentence.  There's still lots of fuzz, lots of distortion, lots of blood, sweat and tears...

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh?
We love you Pittsburgh.  Let's put our sports rivalries aside and hug it out.


  1. Show was amazing. So glad I went.

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