Sunday, September 25, 2011

Show Preview - Velcro Shoes w/ Aloud & Steve Hawk - The Cafe Down Under - 9.30.11 - Irwin - Concert Preview

This month's local spotlight, The Velcro Shoes, will perform this Friday, 9.30 at The Cafe Down Under at Cafe Supreme in Irwin, PA. Also playing is Aloud out of Boston which we have featured in the past. The event will also feature sponsorship by Clique Vodka including the Clique Vodka Girls.

Velcro Shoes are one of our favorite local acts that we featured this month here. Velcro Shoes is made up brothers EJ and Eric Emerson, Mike Slobodian and Bill Krowinski on guitar. From our interview:

I asked Eric how he felt about this venture differed from others. “I would have to say that for me it is the most enjoyable. Most of the bands that I have been a part of in the past, there was always a split responsibility going on. For years I had to always share the lead vocal responsibilities with other musicians, which I didn’t mind, but I always had a yearning to be heard and grow as a lead vocalist/song writer.”

ComScore Aloud are made up of Jen de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain, having performed together since their early teens. Hailing from Boston the band plays catchy rock songs utilizing two vocalists. They are touring behind their new lp Exile. From our interview:

 You just completed your third album Exile. From what I have heard it’s a very atmospheric album. How is this a departure from your previous albums? Was there a certain sound you were attempting to achieve?

Jen: Our previous record, Fan the Fury, was a more guitar driven punk-rock record written in the midst of an election year. That record was very brash and big. This one's a little more subdued, though I wouldn't count the sound being any less big--just different. It's a more introspective record though not necessarily into our own heads, but whatever characters we created. It was more of a narrative than the last record and we wanted to create the places in the songs, so that you'd step into the room where the story was happening.

The album lyrics are very dark speaking of heartbreaks, loneliness, etc. Was there an overall storyline behind the lp? Was this a difficult time when writing the material?

Jen: I wouldn't say there was an overall story, but we did want an overall mood. The initial songs had this mood, this loneliness and we went with it since we it was interesting and we hadn't done it before. The Exile thing comes from our parents who are Cuban exiles and this book by another Cuban exile called Before Night Falls by Reinaldo Arenas. We took that idea of Exile to explore some of those lonely type themes. We happened to be going through losing our rhythm section of 6 years at the time as well and though it was what needed to happen it was a little isolating.


 The show begins at 9p and is only $5. You can find more information here.


  1. Cafe Supreme Rules. One of the best venues in Westmoreland County. Don't miss a single minute!

  2. I know when you wrote the article about The Shoes, you mentioned how you don't like to see the openers. I say with confidence, that you won't want to miss this, and I'm not afraid to say so myself.