Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Show Preview - Sidi Toure - 9/10/11 - Thunderbird Cafe - Pittsburgh - Concert Preview

This isn't something we normally cover, but it's definitely worth checking out. Sidi Toure will be playing this Saturday at the Thunderbird Cafe. Toure grew up in Gao, Mali,  a small city between the Sahara Desert and Niger. Toure grew up among a family of nobleman who trace their lineage back from the Asika Kings. As a young man, Toure created guitars out of old wood, often smashing them apart when arguing with his family over his expected role. Without his parents approval, Toure followed his love of music becoming the youngest member of Gao's Orchestra who often played national festivals.

Sidi Touré with Douma Maïga from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

While more of a traditional musician, Toure often listened to JJ Cale and Kenny Rogers. From his bio:

Sidi’s sound both captures and challenges his roots. The music moves from the translucent swaying takamba to the trance inducing Holley, while the lyrics often address many non-traditional issues. Sidi has a critical mind and his songs have a purpose. For example, in “Adema,” Sidi and his collaborator sing about how to electrify and modernize their country. “The songs must come from within,” says Touré. “If I sing about things and there is no change, then it will have been a waste.” He strives to be more than a singer, but in fact a creative artist that affects change.

Currently signed to Thrill Jockey Records, Toure is touring behind his album released this past January, Sahel Folk. The show is scheduled for this Saturday at 9p with tickets $12 and $15 day of the show.


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