Thursday, September 15, 2011

Movie Review - Drive - Soundtrack - 9.16.11

I don’t normally review movies, however when a chance to preview Drive came along I was more than excited to get a sneak peek.  I was asked to consider the music soundtrack of the movie and have to agree that it scores this movies vibe perfectly.  The movie has a disconnected, retro feel about it and the electronic music with a chilling female vocal fits well.

The movie begins with a never named character, fantastically and slickly played by Ryan Gosling, who speaks on the phone to a would- be client which sets the premise for the movie.  The Man says that he is available to drive, he asks no questions, he is available for you for 5 minutes and will do anything in that time.  The first few minutes promise an action packed, speed chasing thriller that actually unfolds in an entirely different direction. 

This is not the typical car chase movie, Goslings character meets love interest played by an enchanting Carey Mulligan.  We come to find out that Mulligan and her young son are left single after her husband was sent to prison.  To summarize the plot set up, the husband gets out of jail but not without owing one last favor in order to leave the life of crime.  The Man decides to help him serve this one last deal in order to free him from his debts and deliver him back to the woman and child he has grown to love.  Of course the deal does not go smoothly and the husband ends up dead.  What follows from there is a chillingly calm terror streak, more of a path to street justice, which is brilliantly executed by Gosling. 

You never hear the Man speak more than 5 words, you never find out anything about his past, you never get any sort of emotion from him at all.  But you know that he will do anything to keep safe the woman and her child.  He takes on a cast of mobsters and gangsters, often with graphic violence, all the while walking around in slow motion in his increasingly blood stained satin jacket with a gold Scorpio emblazoned on the back.

The ending is as ambiguous as the Mans personality, but watch for yourself, I think you will enjoy.

The movie premieres this Friday, 9/16.

-Shannon Smith