Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wise Blood Releases New EP - 'These Wings' - 8/30/11

Cruising down the road listening to XM, our favorite local artist popped up on the radio with his new single 'Nosferatu'. I did a double take to verify what I was hearing. Wise Blook (aka Chris Laufman) will be releasing his first album on major Dovecote Records on October 30th. These Wings marks a period of over a year since Laufman's self release, '+' EP. There is probably more in the vault than these seven songs, but at least Dovecote has finally set a release date.

If you don't know, Stereogum commissioned WB to create a song for The Strokes Is This It 10 year anniversary. It took me a couple of listens, but 'Someday' is one of the best covers that pushes the boundaries of the typical. Take a listen below.

Wise Blood - Someday by Wise Blood

These Wings is available for preorder at this link:

Wise Blood - Nosferatu by Dovecote Records

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