Sunday, August 14, 2011

Show Review - Iceage - The Shop - 8/11/11 - Pittsburgh - Concert Review - Live Review

Back in June I heard that Iceage was coming to Pittsburgh and playing at The Shop. I had been listening to XM radio constantly hearing Iceage to the point of infatuation. I was looking forward to the show but wasn’t able to attend at the last minute. Luckily, I got a break as they decided make a return trip here this past week. I definitely did not miss them this time around.

The Shop was new to me as I had never attended a show here before. It is reminiscent of those DIY art spaces that have quickly evaporated from the city. It’s dirty, grungy and nothing more than a hollowed out room with no stage and a sub par sound system. Remember those days kids? The place was pretty packed for the pubescent quintet from Denmark that hadn’t even hit their 20’s yet. True to their punk rock ethic, the show lasted little more than 15 minutes, but they made the most out of the short set.

Iceage plays loud and fast but it feels much more than your average punk act. I couldn’t help feeling I was watching something special happen. After each song, the singer warbled what I think was ‘thank you’ spoken in Dutch and immediately launched into the next. Unfortunately an eye blink later they were pulling their plugs from their amps with the crowd looking at each other like ‘what just happened, is it over’? What did you expect? An $8 cover with 3 bands, and one that has been touring worldwide for the past two years? These young guys have it and are probably one of the best punk acts I have seen in quite some time. Hopefully they stick together for another couple of years and give us one more album before moving on.

--Shannon Smith