Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Show Preview - Iceage - The Shop - 8/11/11 - Bloomfield - Pittsburgh - Concert Preview

Iceage will be performing next tomorrow at The Shop in Bloomfield. They just performed here most recently in June. I wasn't able to attend the show, but from what I heard it was as good as their reputation suggested. Below is the interview and videos we posted last time. Be sure to check them out if you missed them in June.

They are a quartet based out of Copenhagen, Denmark making their first tour in the states. The band just released their debut lp entitled New Brigade. Playing at a total length of 26 minutes, the album stretches the bounds of punk adding in goth and hardcore to the mix. The teenage musicians are known for their frantic shows that leave bruises on your body for days.

Lead man Elias Bender R√łnnenfelt was kind enough to answer a few questions about their upcoming tour, album and their sweat filled sets. Also, find a couple of videos

You all are from Copenhagen. How is the music scene there compared to the rest of Europe or the US?

I don't know that many bands from Europe that I like but it's probably not the same as Copenhagen. For me what's going on in Copenhagen is the best but that's probably because that's where I'm from and I get to follow the bands from early on.

Is there a strong punk scene in Copenhagen? Or the rest of Denmark?

I think it's divided into different splinters. Some of my friends' bands that I really enjoy includes Lower, Sexdrome, Jackman, Pregnant Man. I also saw another good band the other day called The War Goes On.

Could you give some background on how your band became? Did you go to school together? Or?

We have all known each other since we were really small. I knew Johan and Dan because they were in the class above me in my first school and Jakob because we were kids in the same neighborhood. We've always played music together to pass time but it wasn't until 2008 when the band and the songs came together.

You are known for your frantic live shows. Are these typical everywhere you travel? How intense do they get?

Not everywhere we travel. It's very different. Everything depends on the spirit in the air.

You just recently produced your first lp, New Brigade. How long did it take you to create the album? Was there a theme behind it?

We figured out the songs over a period of two years and the album took three or four days to record. There is no theme or concept—it's just whatever we felt like doing.

You just graduated HS. What are your plans for the future? College? Or trying to make a go of being a musician?

No I didn't graduate high school—I'm in my final year but I fucked up so I won't be graduating. I'm not trying to be a musician, and I don't expect to live off it later in my life.

How do you go about creating your music? Do you all contribute to the lyrics and music?

We don't write the lyrics together, but we all write stuff on our own and contribute.

What would you like to accomplish as a band? What are the goals?

Just whatever happens.

What made you want to dedicate your life to music? Was there a show or album that made you want to get into the punk scene?

I don't think there's one show or album that changed everything. It's just what we need to do and I don't think we could not do this.

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh?

I look forward to seeing your town, I hope it's nice.

Show is at 4312 Main St in Bloomfield.

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