Saturday, July 16, 2011

Show Review - Nobunny - 31st Street Pub - 7/7/11 - Concert Review - Live Review

Eleven pm last Thursday night, I shook my head clear of some writing work and headed down to the 31st Street Pub for a night of the catchiest punk this side of the Ramones. Was my tender mind ready for Nobunny? I’m not sure. I’m not even sure Nobunny was ready. The first order of business for me was to find him, in the hopes that he would have time to regale me with stories of his birth in the Tucson desert and his life as an aspiring Elvis impersonator. Unfortunately, nobody knew where Nobunny was. I asked bass player Touchy Tony if he could help me find him. Nope. Tony said, “Haven’t seen him. He’s kinda reclusive and hard to find.” Scanning the crowd for his furry face and larger than average ears, I came up empty.

After local opener Secret Tomb, Nobunny finally appeared. Arm-in-arm with an entourage of short-shorted girls, he strolled through the crowd wearing a too-small leather jacket, black underwear with no pants or shoes (why not?), and his familiar bunny face. Nobunny has been touring hard and non-stop, which at some point along the way has robbed Nobunny’s mask of its twitchy nose—so his strange human nose was visible. At least the cute, grungy ears remained. Seriously grungy.

And the show was a blast! Nobunny played a mix of punk crossed with 60s pop from all three of his albums, including his newest, First Blood. “Blow dumb” and “Ain’t it a shame” from the new albums were great, and crowd favorites “I am a girlfriend” and “It’s true” sounded even better live than recorded. The music drew a good sized crowd into an enthusiastic frenzy at the front of the stage—something between a dance party and a mosh pit. The band was surprisingly tight and chock full of energy. Like their albums, the set was short and the crowd wanted more. Hopefully Nobunny will be back soon at 31st –it was the perfect spot for this show.
--Daniel Hammer


  1. secret tombs didn't play, but scattergun and low man did. anyway, show was a ton of fun.

  2. Thanks for the correction. That's what I get for showing up late and reading the poster. I saw Low Man, then. They did a nice job with some very deep, muscular rock.

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