Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cut Copy - Show Review - Altar Bar - 7/11/11 - Concert Review

Very quick review of the Cut Copy concert at Altar Bar this past Monday. I cannot say I am the biggest Cut Copy fan in the world, but they certainly put on a spectacular show. The Altar Bar was at capacity this evening, probably only 2/3 of what Club Zoo (original venue) could hold. First, one small tangent about the sponsor that evening, IC Light.

Iron City just came out with a new beer, Mango IC Light. First, I am all for branching out in a ever-spiraling craft beer market. But mango? Lime, yes. Lemon, sure. But mango? The IC Light Girls were giving away free samples as everyone walked in. It was hideous. This review says it all. I didn't see one patron drink the Mango combination. And it even says more with the IC Light Girls are watching the show and the beverage in hand isn't Mango IC Light. That should tell you something. Did they do a test market study on this?

Anyway, Cut Copy came on and had the place dancing with the first number. I just saw Wild Nothing play at Stage AE last night, and while decent, they were severely lacking in 'performance'. Bands need to realize that stage presence and crowd interaction mean a great deal and can expand your audience when the next time you come through town. Cut Copy knows this first hand and put on a show that is well known world wide. People jiggling and moving throughout the entire show just added to a entertaining night. I hope they come back.  


  1. I hope they come back too. Next time charge a reasonable amount for a ticket and I might go.

  2. Didn't mean to imply that PMR sets the ticket prices.

    But damn, indie bands charging 30 for tickets is absurd. What monetary tax bracket do they think their fanbase consists of?