Friday, June 17, 2011

Show Review - Ume - Hard Rock Cafe - 6/9/11 - Concert Review - Live Review

Last Thursday night we were contacted at the last minute to checkout a band we had never heard of called Ume. Most of the time you just ignore the request because the band doesn’t have ‘it’. This time we took a chance and are glad we did. Our night started with opener The Scattered Calm, a local act reminiscent of a mini Mogwai. The all instrumental band appeared to be in their early 20’s and sounded surprisingly tight and accomplished. Many of their friends and family were in attendance. We worried that it would clear out for Ume, and in fact it did. Fortunately, despite the lacking crowd, Ume pulled off their blistering set of high intensity that definitely won some new fans that night.

Ume is a female fronted band lead by Lauren Larson. The band, based out of Austin, features a powerful fury that cannot be given justice unless seen in the flesh. There is a steady passion and ability Lauren brings onstage which sucks the audience in with the first note. In constant motion, hair always covering her face, she’s a reminder of the late 90’s when bands like Sleater Kinney and Hole brought women to the forefront of music. She is backed by her husband on bass and with a third member on drums.

Larson’s playing is balance from over 15 years of experience. I haven’t seen a female play as effortlessly as she did this evening. The band plays hook filled power chords with screeching guitar licks. Larson belts out vocals in quick spurts while her husband backs her on bass stabilizing her raw energy. The band played through a quick set making little banter with the crowd. The whole audience was entranced with the band showing their approval between songs.

We were hoping for more, but the band forwent the normal encore which wasn’t necessary because the audience was easily sold. Ume currently has an EP entitled Sunshower available on their site with an LP on the way. You can find more information of the band here:


  1. Wow. Definitely keeping my eye on these guys/gal.

    Good stuff.