Friday, May 13, 2011

Show Preview - Oberhofer - 5/16/11 - Brillobox - Pittsburgh - Concert Preview

Oberhofer will be appearing at the Brillobox next Monday, 5/16 with Neon Indian. Oberhofer last appeared this past January with Cloud Nothings at the Brillo. We have to say he puts on a hell of a good show. Contributor Daniel Hammer was even more impressed, catching his act at SXSW this year, stating it was the best set he saw in Austin. From his review:

The best act I saw, hands down, but somewhat surprisingly, was Oberhofer on Thursday night at the Bat Bar. I interviewed Brad Oberhofer a few months back and saw him play at Brillobox. It was the first time he had gone on an extended tour and really worked out material with his live band. The guys have really tightened up their live show—changing a number of the song’s live structures to be louder and more punk influenced, while still showcasing the quirks of sound and acrobatics of Brad’s vocals that make Oberhofer distinctive. Really stunning show. Two friends with me who had never heard of him (and weren’t already fans like I was) agreed that he was the best thing we saw.

o0O0o0O0o by Oberhofer

Oberhofer was kind enough to give us an interview this past January which you can find here. An excerpt:

OK, a little more abstractly—what is your music to you? Is it a personal endeavor, are you trying to accomplish something with music? Do you think about it in terms of reception and your audience—what does it mean to you?

It's just really personal, honestly. It just sort of happens that people can connect with it right now. I think that the problem with so many bands, and the reason so many bands sound really generic, is because there's a lot of contrivance in their music and they're trying to achieve something with their music. I think if people were just genuinely themselves in the music they write, and really did what their heart was telling them, instead of trying to rationalize their music in any sort of way, then there would be a greater variety of genres and styles. Tons of different bands and a cooler community, with less of a competitive nature between bands.

Don'tneedya by Oberhofer

I definitely get that personal vibe from your music, and I understand that all of your songs thus far (except the Neon Indian cover) have been performed and recorded by you alone. Now that you are playing live with a band, do you intend to keep your writing and recording as a personal process, or do you think you might change this to write and record together with the band?

I've recently taken some songs to the band, and I've really liked what's happened. There is something personal that can happen in a group of four as well—four people that are connecting to make a piece of music that's meaningful to them as a group of people. If we find that working together forms songs that are a nice cohesive whole, then we will incorporate things like that on future recordings. Or it may be that I bring songs that are already written to the table, and they write parts. No matter what, the people in the band are incredibly important to me, because they write amazing parts and the live show would be nothing without them.

Smylez by Oberhofer

The show begins at 9:30p with doors opening at 8:30p.