Sunday, May 8, 2011

Show Preview - Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - 5/14/11 - Mr Smalls - Pittsburgh - Concert Review

Margot and the Nuclear So & So's will be appearing next Saturday, 5/14 at Mr. Smalls. They will be opening for The Twilight Singers featuring Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli. As you migh know PMR are big fans of Margot and the Nuclear. We have featured them several times including here and here.

Margot recently release their third lp this past year entitled Buzzard. It is quite a departure from their two previous Margot album. The indie-pop orchestra sound was replaced by a more guitar driven, stripped down feel. Many of the songs are more uptempo, showing a departure from the more downtrotted music they once performed. From their press:

And there is, of course, an intriguing path that led Margot towards this evolution in sound, which contrasts the lively optimism of 2008’s Animal! (and/or Not Animal, simultaneously released after contention with former label Epic). Buzzard was recorded over one freezing month last winter in an abandoned movie theater in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood. Once settled, he began writing a collection of songs loosely inspired by the 8mm ‘nudie cutie’ films unearthed in the theater’s basement, and the youthful reaction of mixed emotions that the films evoked.

New York City Hotel Blues by Margot and the Nuclear So & So's

We conducted an interview with frontman Richard Edwards leading up to Margot's soldout show last March. Here are some snippets:

The first time you were in Pittsburgh was at Club Café where there were 10 people in attendance and 8 onstage. The last time you were here there was a packed house. Has this pattern occurred in most cities you play?

Fortunately, attendance has risen in most cities, and seems to be continuing to rise. We had a couple lean years there.

From what I read you bring the material for new songs and then the rest of the band adds to it at this point. Is this relatively accurate and has anything changed for Margot #3?

Yeah, I bring in the songs, then we all work on them together. People play their instruments to the song, and the best ideas are the ones that get kept. At least as far as we interpret, "best idea". It still works pretty much the same as it always has, except I'm playing a bit more "lead guitar" on album three, since Andy is no longer responsible for that.

You are originally from Indianapolis. I read that some members still reside there and others are in Chicago? Is this still true and how does this workout when creating new material?

Most of us live in Chicago now. It can be tough to get together, but a lot of Margot work has always been solitary until we go into the studio, so I imagine it would be more difficult if we were a band that wrote together in a big room or something. But most band business happens in Chicago, so people get here and we get our shit done.

The show is at Mr Smalls and is scheduled to begin at 8p.