Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wise Blood Gets Kicked Offstage - Liquid Sundays 4/10/11 - Show Review

If you missed out on Sunday night's Wise Blood show in the south side (at J. Verno Studios/Liquid Sundays) you  missed something special. Two words for you: legen (wait for it) dary.

First, let me just say Liquid Sundays is held in a spectacular venue. It's unlike any you will experience in Pittsburgh. However, there is a caveat to attending. The studio also hosts a 'church' where they ask you to attend between acts, but in a very respectful way.

Wise Blood was the second act of the evening and began putting on a epic performance for more than a modest crowd. The show was going well with WB speaking to the crowd during songs. He dropped a few choice words while swigging a beer onstage, but nothing out of the ordinary from a normal show. However, approximately eight songs into the set, the venue's director decided to cut off WB. The reason? Well, we aren't really sure. A little cursing, drinking, acting silly. But nothing you wouldn't expect from a WB set.

Trying to listen into the conversation WB was having with management afterwards, it still wasn't exactly clear. But cursing and alcohol appeared to have something to do with it. Which begs the question, "What was a 'church' doing booking WB in the first place?" Plus, giving free drinks out with your paid admission. Look at the video and judge for yourself. All I can say is epic.


  1. Whoa! Thanks for posting info about this.

  2. Come back to France , you can curse, drink and be creative as much as you want here lol.